8 Channels/24 Inputs

In response to user demand the new GPM 8-TI contains 3 inputs per channel so that the mixer remains compact yet has plenty
of inputs of differing types; thus two stereo sources and one mic input are simultaneously available at any time. This is especially useful in demanding
productions and disco applications.

The DATEQ GPM 8-TI has smooth 100mm high quality faders and reliable ALPS multi-click rotary controls. Each channel has a 3-way
EQ with a PRE/POST send and balance control.

The DATEQ GPM 8-TI has extensive master facilities including separate left and right master faders, and large 52 segment LED level
meters showing VU and peak. There is an integral headphone amplifier with comprehensive input selection for monitoring.

The DATEQ GPM 8-TI has balanced outputs available on XLR connectors, with an additional master output which can be used as a feed
for other systems. There is also a monitor output and a record output (-14dB) which can be used with a tape machine.

As you would expect from DATEQ, the GPM 8-TI is very reliable and built to the highest standards including, even for such a
small mixer, gold-plated contacts throughout